Friendship Corner: Finding Your People

In order to tap into her best self, every woman needs support–no one does it alone! We’ve all had those days: you’re running late for work, still recovering from the argument you had last night with your husband, and the dang car won’t start. Who do you call? Whether it’s the death of a pet, parent, or relationship, we all have that one friend we turn to who will make everything better. So what makes that person your person?

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Tips to Be a BOSS

A friend who owns an innovative company recently spoke to me about some recent managing challenges. 

 “How do I know if some of these issues are her–or me?” she asked.

Excellent leaders must be humble, compassionate, courageous, trustworthy, visionary, and so many other things. Yet if I had to name critical rules to live and lead by that new managers often struggle with, here’s my Top Five list:

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Tips for the Rough Patches

Is life throwing you a curve ball? Maybe even more than one? We each experience hardship, and it can be difficult to stay positive during those times. Whether you had a bad day at work, can’t seem to get your teenager to say anything remotely respectful to you, or are dealing with something much more serious such as the illness or death of a family member, here are some ideas to help keep you grounded.

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Who's on your Super Hero Team?

Last week one of my daughters told me she was going to see the new Wonder Woman movie. I love super heroes.  I use them often in my coaching as a way for clients to connect with their most powerful selves. All this super hero brain hubbub reminded me of the beautiful words my brother Rocky said at my sister’s funeral almost 6 years ago. 

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Experience the FIERCELY FEMALE℠ Leadership Program!

Creative workshops, leadership strategies, and coaching await you!

Check out our comprehensive and interactive leadership program for both established and emerging leaders in your organization. The mission of FIERCELY FEMALE℠ is to challenge leaders to step outside of their normal way of thinking and into a dynamic space of imagination and fun in order to access intuition and creativity.

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