Work/Life Balance is Critical!

Work/Life Balance is super important and allows you to be your best self, both personally AND professionally.

In order to create balance, it’s important to acknowledge that nurturing yourself–your whole self–will lead to both increased personal time AND increased productivity at work. We often feel unproductive and frazzled at the office, and that leads to stress in both our professional and personal lives.

Overall prioritization and organization are critical on the job, and here are three additional tips for increasing work/life balance:

(1) Create a Life Purpose statement that is beyond what you accomplish either at work or at home.

What were you put in this world to do? Is it to help others? To further the appreciation and support for nature? Once we clarify values and top-level vision, we see that there are activities outside of the office that are crucial to our fulfillment. Returning to this idea daily in a mindfulness exercise will help. We often have a vision statement for our companies that guide decisions and priorities–why not for ourselves?

(2) Schedule "office work" time in your daily calendar.

We get caught up with people stopping by and last minute requests. If we schedule time to catch up on email and deal with whatever comes up, we can let go of the notion that we have lost time. Close your office door and treat this time like a meeting; it's important, and you can give yourself permission to not allow interruptions unless it's truly urgent. This will allow you to get out of work earlier and feel more productive.

(3) Ask yourself if there’s an outdated belief you’re holding onto that is causing you to stay at work late or never say "no" to an office conversation or request.

Often the strengths/gifts that allow us to achieve in life are the same ones that become inversely correlated to leadership and personal effectiveness when used reactively or excessively. For instance, if we’ve always defined ourselves as results-oriented, we might have a hard time letting go of perfectionism or staying late to over prepare for a meeting. If we’ve always been good at relationships, we might find it challenging to cut people off when they stop by to chat. Know that you are not defined by each incident at work or how late you stay, and as long as you are fulfilling your life purpose, you are still your best self!