Full Testimonials

"Jennifer has an amazing ability to quickly get to the heart of an issue. Her in-depth insights help you see new things about yourself, and her skilled listening and patient modeling help you understand new and improved ways to operate. My work with her was ground-breaking."

Tammy Jersey, President, TKJ Leadership, Executive Search and Leadership Coaching

"Jennifer Davis has a gift: The ability to uncover and explore the hidden strengths and weaknesses within, and find specific ways to nurture, support and frame the values and purpose of my very being.  She does so with great insight, intuitiveness, humor and enthusiasm. I leave each session buoyant, clear and strong. She presents to me a new way of looking at my life and the world.

I can’t thank Jen enough. Our work together has propelled me into a new space that is extraordinarily positive and shining and great. Progress – what else is there? She is helping me uncover self. I have not changed, rather I am reminded of my childhood, before I was crushed over and over. I’m not going to let that happen anymore. Maybe it’s just that the time is now right – why I spoke to a friend who knew Jennifer. I have always been open to change but never focused the possibilities, the truths, on myself.

I had thought I needed a coach for business advice. Jennifer gave me pause and much to think about that was powerful and I did not see coming. We dealt regularly with my insecurities, strengths, and core that in the end, transformed me. I am finally the man I did not acknowledge for so many years, and I am treating my design business as an Artist–confident and clear about my work. All of these amazing things were already in me but overshadowed, cowering, and lost."

Edward A. Batcheller, Architecht & Artist

"I met Jennifer through the Association of Corporate Counsel's Leadership Academy, a nine month program designed to turn lawyers into leaders.  Jennifer reviewed my 360 degree assessment and identified areas for reflection and growth.  In only two hours, she connected and understood me more deeply than many of my colleagues who have known me for years.  Her insights extended well beyond my professional life to include my personal identity as well.  With empathy and grace, Jennifer questions assumptions, weaves together themes to tie together life's disparate experiences, and outlines visions to develop as a whole person.  I look forward to consulting with Jennifer as a friend and counselor in the future."

 — Andrew Ting, General Counsel

"Jennifer Davis is an inspiring, motivating and extraordinary coach. With great intelligence, clarity and care, Jennifer fosters personal understanding, growth and goal achievement. In a masterful way, Jennifer enabled me to improve my leadership and time management skills, while teaching me how best to achieve greater work life balance.

Engaging in coaching with Jennifer was transformational; through our work together, I am more effective, grounded and open to infinite possibility and opportunity. Jennifer’s coaching kindled within me greater composure, confidence, and effective leadership, and our work enables me to pursue excellence in management through strategic thinking, planning and goal-oriented implementation."

Lisa W. Goldberg, Executive Director, Temple Israel, Westport, CT

"Jennifer Davis is a Coach Extraordinaire! There are many ways to spend your time and resources and I can say from personal experience that life coaching (with Jen!) is one of the only investments that’s guaranteed to pay you back in spades!  I thought I had all the answers. In fact, I bragged many times that the self-help section in my home would rival that of Barnes and Noble. I did a lot of reading and I mean A LOT. What I learned though is that although I had a lot of knowledge in my head, it never really translated into my gut or changed the way I behaved. Thanks to Jen and her beautiful way of both inspiring and challenging me, I was able to make that really huge shift.

In only a short period of time, Jen opened up my mind to a world of possibility. She taught me that basic truths are simple; “nourish your spirit first”, “give yourself permission to be where you’re at now” and my favorite “don’t personalize or catastrophize, just listen and be curious”. With Jen’s support and encouragement, both during our formal sessions and throughout the week, I was able to start embracing ideas like these and leaving a few other not so good ideas behind.

I now know my purpose and am moving forward on an exciting new career path that is perfectly aligned with my passions and what I’m good at. My relationships with my friends and family are enriched as I’ve accepted the fact that they are doing the best they can, not my best, but their best. And, I am finally moving with the flow of the universe versus battling against the current. All of the reading and thinking in the world couldn’t have gotten me this far this fast. Jen is the spark that has enabled me to get out of my own way and finally become a better, brighter version of myself."

— Cheryl Joy Pothast, Child Life Specialist

"Since I began working with Jen Davis about three months ago, the way I view the world has completely shifted. Working with Jen has been instrumental in helping me to be more effective in my job, and unexpectedly, my personal life.  Her gentle guidance has enabled me to find my own heartfelt answers to questions we rarely take the time to ask. The way she has worked with me has put me in the driver’s seat to making changes in the way I think, work and interact with others. Not only have I found I’ve become more effective, I have also felt very much empowered and have found that I’m more likely to be heard. Before, there were interactions with my supervisor or challenging colleagues that used to spiral out of my control, yet now, I am able to manage them and even come out a winner (with no one the loser), which is also a win for my company.

She has helped me stay true to myself, and become a positive change agent in all of my spheres of influence. I used to think Interior Decorators were for the rich and famous, and Executive Coaches were for executives, but working with Jen has totally changed my feelings about this.

If you want to live to your fullest potential, or even just get unstuck in some aspect of your life, I highly recommend working with Jen. Her gentle, non-judgmental approach is supportive and non-threatening. She gives you the space and confidence to work through whatever personal challenges you have. She helps you figure out what’s holding you back, and helps you make the jump to living life at a higher level. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s been a force for positive change in my life."

 Katie Wilson, Senior Marketing Manager

"Jennifer is a naturally gifted Coach and her work with me has been nothing short of transformational.  She brings powerful tools and uses them skillfully and seamlessly.  She blends active non-judgmental listening with palpable enthusiasm.  I find this opens inner doorways and I hear myself saying things I didn’t even know that I knew about myself, my life circumstances and my life’s solutions. Jennifer is a living NIKE “Just Do It!” commercial. One things is for sure:  if you’re open to expanding your world and making changes to enhance your life, Jennifer Davis will inspire you to spread your wings and reach your potential!"

— Peter Meyer, Special Education Attorney & Life Coach

"Talking to Jennifer has taken me to a whole new level in personal and spiritual learning and growth. Jennifer is insightful, brilliant, funny, and her combined knowledge of coaching and experience has allowed her to understand me as a person. I connect with her in our sessions and she makes this experience of growing enjoyable, even though it is not easy. I come away with a priceless gift every time we talk.

In our work together, I have learned to accept me for who I am, where I am, and knowing that it's okay to not have all the answers and trust myself. I have learned that as long as I keep evolving, I'll keep going in the right direction. Jennifer helped me figure out what it is I really want, both in my personal and professional life, and how I can get there.

Our work has allowed me to break down road blocks that I have always put up for myself. These shields of armor had prevented me from being myself. Peeling back these layers of darkness has been like opening a shade and letting the light come in. I feel like I can breathe and I'm finally dropping all my luggage with the doorman at the front desk and saying 'I'm done carrying that, my friend!"

— Cindy Berman, Small Business Owner

"Jennifer has allowed me to find the energy, inner strength, and motivation to figure out what I really want and what is truly important to me. We worked together on my overall well-being and self-worth by addressing my approach to individual anxiety-producing tasks. This broader and deeper focus has given me a better framework for putting myself “out there” and making progress with regard to my job search, healthy eating, weight loss, exercise, and parenting.

Through our sessions I learned how to recognize what I can control and use my skills and expertise to focus on how to process information and resolve issues rather than dwell on controlling outcomes. This was especially helpful as I prepared for job interviews (I got a great new job that I love!), a potential family move, and managing anxiety about how to parent my teenage children.

Jennifer is personable, empathic, and one of the smartest people I know. I have confidence and trust in her judgement. I never thought I would have the job I currently have when we started sessions. She is a force for good! She helped me find my Inner Goddess!"

— V. P., Corporate Attorney

"Jen is amazing to work with! She's very easy to talk to and extremely smart and perceptive. She's an intent listener and has a strong ability to "connect the dots" while strategizing and problem-solving.

My best takeaway from our work together is that she helped me to re-frame my self-perception. She taught me to find the joy in who I am, and helped me define what it is to 'live my truth.' It may sound like a small thing, but it has been integral to my frame of mind, general level of positivity, and motivation.

I had been struggling for years to jump-start a new career, held back by perfectionism and major fear of failure. I am happy to report that I am on my way and feeling great about it! Can't thank Jen enough!"

— B. C., Designer

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jennifer as my coach. She was an incredible partner for moving important aspects of my life forward, both in my career and personal life. When I reflected back on my initial goals for our coaching together, I was both amazed and delighted to see how much we had accomplished. Her coaching was seamless, honest, creative and fun. I always felt supported and challenged in all the right ways. If you want a fulfilling, balanced life and a bright future for yourself and/or your business, I recommend Jennifer with a resounding YES."

— Amy Warshawsky, Black Belt Nia Instructor and Co-Active Coach

"Jennifer is an amazing life coach. Her warmth and intuition create a comfortable, safe environment for our sessions. I felt encouraged to turn inward and see the strengths, challenges and distractions that affect how I interact with the world around me. I have developed more self-esteem and confidence through our sessions. Jen is professional, supportive, encouraging and focused."

— Kathy Russo, Yoga Instructor

"Something just wasn't right in my life and I couldn't figure out how to get it back on track. Jen has a very powerful way of taking me to a better place by helping me to understand how to deal with and prioritize all the 'stuff' that tended to overwhelm me on a daily basis. She helped me take negative situations and realize that they are not a place that I have time for, nor do I need to waste energy on self-defeating situations.

During our sessions, Jen has guided and helped me to set goals as well as take account of my priorities and accountability for my actions. My time with Jen has been filled with joy, laughter, a few tears...even some dancing! A Life Coach affords us the opportunity to come to the realization, on our own, of what we truly want out of a particular situation or circumstance that is going on in our lives. Our sessions were never boring or static. 

Jen is very creative in her approach because she is a very good active listener. She is able to understand what brings me joy, what are my strengths and my opportunities. She tailors her coaching method in order to get the best results. In the end, I AM a much better person for having Jen Davis as my Life Coach."

— Lilian Sheehan, Office Manager

"Jennifer Davis is a fantastic coach. I found my sessions with her invaluable as I was in the middle of a job search, and re-entering the full-time work force after many years as a consultant. 

Jen really helped me focus on my strengths and realize my weak spots. She helped me face some hard truths about self-sabotage and worked with me to contain those tendencies. And I am happy to report that I obtained a fantastic full-time position with Jen's assistance. I recommend her highly."

— Alicia Brooks Waltman, Communications Associate

"Jennifer is a compassionate and intelligent coach. Her coaching cut into the deepest part of me, and made me realize something I never knew about myself before. The experience was very enlightening and encouraging. I highly recommend Jennifer as your coach."

— Kao Taniguchi, Pianist