One-on-One Coaching

I take every individual as creative, resourceful and whole. YOU are the expert on yourself –your dreams, goals, frustrations, and all the rest.

A one-on-one coaching engagement allows you to focus on whatever issues are present, such as time management, business challenges, self-confidence, or relationships. Coaching is different from consulting in that I do not give answers. Rather, I use powerful questions and my expertise, experience, creativity, and intuition to champion you to get “unstuck” so you can discover your own best solutions.

The outcomes of coaching most often reported by my clients are greater self-awareness, increased confidence and productivity, a stronger sense of purpose and direction, enhanced communication skills, a greater level of well-being, and better relationships.

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Leadership 360 Assessment and Development

I am passionate about helping you and other leaders in your organization maximize effectiveness and business results. As the world increases in complexity, so must the consciousness of its thought leaders. An outstanding leader, no matter what level, can dramatically increase organizational impact by turning inward in an effort to evolve in leadership consciousness and practice.

I offer several Leadership Packages that include individual and/or group coaching sessions combined with 360 assessments and leadership development plans and workshops that enable self-discovery and transformational change. 

FIERCELY FEMALE is an interactive leadership program I developed and co-lead with two colleagues that includes workshops, coaching and mastermind groups for both established and emerging leaders who are interested in expanding their capabilities and impact with an engaged, creative approach. Our developmental program uses improv, visualization and mindfulness tools alongside powerful coaching to access greater intuition, productivity and creativity.

I am a certified practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment, a unique leadership model and tool that connects a well-researched battery of competencies with underlying thought patterns and motivations. This approach leads to a specific development plan that will enable you to build on your areas of strength and replace your reactive tendencies with more creative capabilities, thereby enabling you to inspire your team to do their best. I am also a certified practitioner of the Leadership Culture Survey, which illuminates areas of development for the entire leadership team.

I have experience coaching small groups of executives in debriefing results of the Global Executive Leadership Inventory (GELI), an in-depth 360 feedback leadership tool developed by internationally renowned business scholar and psychologist Manfred Ket de Vries that investigates the daily actions and behaviors of effective global executives in 12 primary leadership areas.

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Training, Presentations and Workshops

I love speaking and leading workshops on a myriad of topics, both virtually and in person.  I specialize in enabling individuals and teams to tap into the power of their best selves, maximize impact, and become more grounded and fulfilled.

Sample presentations and interactive workshops include:

  • The 6-Day Leadership Experience
    Leading From Within, Leading Other, & Leading in your Organization

  • Fiercely Female
    Increase Leadership Effectiveness by Accessing Creativity & Intuition

  • Courageous Conversations
    Resolving Team & Relationship Conflict

  • Managing & Motivating Multi-Generational Teams
    How to Lead with Confidence & Compassion

  • Dress for Success, Inside-Out
    Increase Inner Strength and Disengage with Inner Critic

  • Finding your Inner Warrior
    Amplify Personal Growth and Professional Impact through Grounding

  • Do What You Love and Love What You Do
    Finding a Career with Meaning and Purpose