Be BOLD or ITALIC, never Regular!

I saw this cute purse in the shop down the street and it really spoke to me.

What did it say, you ask? It said that we can choose to come from a place of authenticity, courage, and fearlessness. It told me we can give ourselves permission to let go of what everyone thinks, whether or not we'll embarrass ourselves, whether we're 150% sure that what we are doing is 200% correct. OK, the math here may be a little confusing, but you get the idea.

It reminded me of Farm Day Kindergarten fun with my friend Cara when our kids were little. There were bales of hay, ponies, apple-bobbing tubs, donut-on-a-string eating stands, and all the rest.

Cara and I ordered 12 different animal masks and wrote a Farm Day song by changing the lyrics of a Wiggles song. Any parents out there remember the Wiggles? We saw them in concert once. OK, fine, maybe twice...

Instead of "Uncle Noah build himself an arc," it began with "the kindergarten teachers started farm day." Pretty cheesy, right? I won't bore you with all the lyrics. But feel free to message me if you're super interested. There was group participation, assigned animal noises to the 5 and 6 year olds, and even an instrumental accompaniment by my son's guitar teacher, Mike.

"We have to make this crazy and over the top," Cara said. "If we don't, they'll think we're taking ourselves too seriously and might even think we fancy ourselves great singers." Yes, the crazier, better, we agreed. 

We did an exaggerated dance all day long, group after group, and had a blast. Are we excellent singers? Our voices didn't suck, but let's just say that we wouldn't be getting any call backs on The Voice. Does the video clip of said event make me cringe a little? Sure– but I'd put the cringe/smile ratio at 10/90. The kids loved it, and goshdarnit, they learned all those animal noises.

Where in your life can you go full throttle and let go of external affirmation or perception? There's probably some wild creativity just waiting to come out, and you never know where it will lead!