What Movie of Your Life are Your Playing?

Is it time to change the reel?

As you set goals for 2017, ask yourself how you picture your life. If it were a movie, would it be a comedy? A tragedy? An adventure film? What do you WANT it to be? What would an ideal sound track and plot line be? Yes, in an ideal world, not one in which possibilities are limited.

“But that would never work,” you claim. “I WISH I could give a script to everyone in my life, but they just wouldn’t follow it!”

I hear you. If only they would…

Others (unfortunately) don’t always bend to our will. How dare they! What if you just focused on YOUR script, YOUR choices, YOUR mood, YOUR adventure? Regardless of what the boss, the spouse, the friend, the kids are doing?

Let’s make 2017 a year of living the movie you’d actually want to see, where you live YOUR life on YOUR terms. The other actors may mess up their lines, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget yours.